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Sunset Over Forest


         Hiking Packages*


Loop of La Digne d'Aval followed by a wine tasting:

Very nice little walk in the Limouxin Country crossing valleys and vineyards, enjoying the magnificent views. Ffollowed by a wine tasting in a wine estate.
La Digne d'Aval is a pretty village built in a circle with cosy little houses and its history. A circulade is a circular village. The houses are built around an axis, generally a tower or a church.

  • Departure: village of La Digne d'Aval

  • Wine tasting

  • Accompaniment  (French, English, German or Dutch)

Hike: 4.5 km                Difficulty: Easy                 Elevation: 150 m

In the surroundings: the city of Limoux, the Abbey of St-Hilaire

package price from 45 € per person



Les Terres Rouges and a visit to the Château d'Arques:

A very beautiful loop with breathtaking views on the Pyrenees, the Pic de Bugarach and Rennes le Château. Let's explore the (small) Grand Canyon - landscape from a Western movie.

The wonderful, very eroded red earths form a succession of small canyons, which the iron oxides have beautifully colored  from a wine-colored pigmentation to orange, passing through purples and practically all the tones of red. In this type of rock formation  we find many animal fossils and in particular dinosaur eggs. Under a dazzling blue sky, we discover this miniature “Jurassic Park”.

A few kilometers after this magnificent landscape of the Terres Rouges, a green valley opens up. In this unexpected softness, soars the keep of Arques, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture.

  • Les Terres Rouges, departure from the small village of Serres

  • Gastronomic picnic basket

  • Visit of the castle of Arques

  • Accompaniment (French, English, German or Dutch)

Hike: 13 km                Difficulty: Medium                Elevation: 450 m

In the surroundings: the dinosaur museum in Espéraza, Rennes les Bains, Rennes le Château



package price from € 75 per person




Magnificent hike in our Pyrenees: the beautiful Etang d'Appy next to the Pic de Soularac and the Pic de St Barthélemy:

On the southern slope of the Tabe massif dominated by the Saint Barthélémy peak (2348m above sea level) and the Soularac peak (2368m), the beautiful lake of Appy, renowned for its fish, is the opportunity for a loop hike of about 800m elevation.

Breathtaking views on the top of the Col de Cadène and the Col de l'Étang d'Appy (2025m).

We can enjoy a good moment during this very pretty hike!

  • Loop around the Etang d'Appy, departure from the ski resort of Mont d'Olmes

  • Gastronomic picnic basket

  • Accompaniment (French, English, German or Dutch)

  • Option:  lift to Col de Cadène

Hike: 10 km                Difficulty: Medium to difficult                Elevation: 800 m

In the surroundings: the Château de Montségur, the town of Mirepoix


package price from 85 € per person




Superb hike on the Taulat plateau with a magnificent view from the rock of Gourgue (1618m) on the castle of Montségur and the massif of Tabe.

Unmissable in the Cathar Country: perched at an altitude of 1,200 m in the Ariège, the Castle of Montségur has symbolized for centuries the stronghold of the Cathar resistance. Legend has it that this castle steeped in history would have housed the fabulous treasure of the Cathars.

What could have led the Cathars to come and take refuge here? How did they live here? What were their customs and beliefs? So many questions that will be answered by going up the steep path that leads to the heights of Montségur.

Come relive the epic of these "good men and women" in this citadel of vertigo!

The panorama is breathtaking and offers a magnificent tour of the horizons.

  • Loop through the rock of Gourgue, departure from the parking lot of the Château de Montségur

  • Gastronomic picnic basket

  • Accompaniment (French, English, German or Dutch)

  • Extra option: visit to Château Montségur with an explanation of the history of Catharism (French, English, or Dutch)

Hike: 6 km                Difficulty: Medium to difficult                Elevation: 650 m

Option Château Montségur: an additional climb of 30 to 40 minutes with an elevation of 150m

In the surroundings: the Château de Roquefixade, the town of Mirepoix


package price from € 90 per person - option visit Montségur Castle with explanation € 40 per person




All-inclusive ideas for going on foot, hiking in freedom or accompanied, on the paths of the Cathar Country between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean.

Thousands of trails to visit the citadels of vertigo, on the paths of the Natural Park very close to Narbonne, to admire the superb panoramas and observe migrating birds, observe the fauna and flora of the Pyrenees or the Black Mountains. We remain at your disposal to find you the hike according to your wishes and your pace.


guided hike with accompaniment from 25 € per person





* in partnership with Audétour - and Bal'Aude -

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